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  • COVID Masks Disrupt Connections for Hearing-Loss Patients

    Dr. Carrie Nieman, assistant professor for the Cochlear Center for Hearing and Public Heath at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, said a survey shows 95% of people living with hearing loss in the U.S. say masks are creating serious communication barriers.


  • Hearing Aids for the Masses

    Relatively simple technology and a change in government policy could unleash more innovation for Americans who have difficulty hearing.


  • BYU Radio, Top of Mind with Julie Rose

    It's a complicated–not to mention expensive–process to get hearing aids: you have to go to an audiologist and get a prescription, with the whole deal costing nearly $5,000. Congress actually passed a law to make hearing aids available over the counter, but the FDA is behind in creating the specific rules for the new law. Frank Lin is the director of the Cochlear Center for Hearing and Public Health at Johns Hopkins University.