Bonnielin Swenor is the founder and director of the Johns Hopkins Disability Health Research Center, which aims to shift the paradigm from ‘living with a disability’ to ‘thriving with a disability’ through research, education, and policy. She holds joint appointments at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Wilmer Eye Institute, the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  Swenor’s research is motivated by her personal experience with low vision and focuses on three overlapping areas: (1) removing barriers to health and economic wellbeing for people with disabilities, (2) addressing healthcare disparities for the disability community; and (3) ensuring people with disabilities have equitable access to education and are included in research.




Assi L, Deal JA, Samuel L, Reed NS, Ehrlich JR, Swenor BK. Access to food and health care during the COVID-19 pandemic by disability status in the United States. Disabil Health J. 2022 Jan 19:101271. 


Swenor B, Deal JA. Disability Inclusion as a Key Component of Research Study Diversity. N Engl J Med. 2022 Jan 20;386(3):205-207.


Varadaraj V, Guo X, Reed NS, Smith K, Boland MV, Nanayakkara AJ, Swenor BK. Identifying Accessibility Requests for Patients With Disabilities Through an Electronic Health Record-Based Questionnaire. JAMA Netw Open. 2022 Apr 1;5(4):e226555.



Updated: June 23, 2022

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Bonnielin Swenor, PHD, MPH

Departmental affiliation (Primary)

Associate Professor

  • Director - Johns Hopkins Disability Health Research Center
  • The Wilmer Eye Institute - Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
  • Department of Epidemiology - Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health