Grace Gahlon is a second-year ScM candidate in the Department of Epidemiology and currently works as a research assistant under the supervision of Nicholas Reed, AuD at the Cochlear Center. Prior to her matriculation to the Bloomberg School she served as a research assistant at the RAND Corporation, supporting health services and population health projects. Through her work, she developed an interest in medical devices, the use of real-world evidence, and regulatory science. During summer 2022, she worked in data analytics for Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson. Grace was conferred her Bachelor’s in mathematics from Boston College in 2018.





Kranz AM, Gahlon G, Dick AW, Goff SL, Whaley C, Geissler KH. Variation in prices for an evidence-based pediatric preventive service. Health Services Research; 2022. 10.1111/1475-6773.13995

Baird M, Zaber M, Dick A, Bird C, Chen A, Waymouth M, Gahlon G, Quigley DD, Al-Ibrahim H, Frank F. Societal impact of research funding for women’s health in Alzheimer’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease-related dementias. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation; 2021.

Kranz AM, Opper I, Ruder T, Gahlon G, Sorbero M, Stein BD, Dick AW. Medicaid payments for fluoride varnish in medical settings and access to care for young children. Medical Care Research & Review; 2022.

Grace Gahlon

Grace Gahlon

Departmental affiliation (Primary)

Department of Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Center for Drug Safety & Effectiveness Scholar



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