Maggie Oliver is a Master of Public Health student at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and a medical student from South Carolina who aspires to become an academic hospitalist. At Hopkins, she is in the Aging and Public Health concentration and currently conducting research with Jennifer Deal, PhD on how hearing loss impacts the comorbidity-mortality association in older adults. Additional research interests include patient-physician communication, end-of-life care, health care delivery systems and high-value care. Oliver is also passionate about medical student / public health advocacy.


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Oliver M, Pavuluri H, Brunson C, Jenkins MR. Chapter 15 – Practice improvement through a sex and gender high-value healthcare model. In: How Sex and Gender Impact Clinical Practice: An Evidence-Based Guide to Patient Care. 1st ed. Elsevier; 2021:309-323.

Maggie Oliver

Maggie Oliver

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Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


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