Postdoctoral Fellows


The Cochlear Center provides fellowships for postdoctoral trainees (typically, PhD, MD, or AuD) interested in conducting research in areas consistent with the Center’s mission. All postdoctoral trainees will be assigned a mentor at the Cochlear Center.



Postdoctoral fellowship applicants must have their doctoral degree at the time of application (or be close to imminent graduation). Fellowships can be from one to three years and stipends are determined by the NIH payscale.



For trainees interested in a postdoctoral fellowship:

  • The Postdoctoral Trainee Program has 3 application deadlines per year - February 15th, June 15th, and October 15th.
  • Interested applicants should apply at least 6 months before their desired postdoctoral fellowship start date. For example, if an applicant wishes to begin a postdoctoral fellowship on January 1, he/she should apply no later the June 15 in the year prior.
  • Submissions should include:
    • ≤ 3 page cover letter providing candidate background, academic/research interests, and future career plans
    • Academic transcript
    • CV or NIH biosketch
    • 1-2 examples of the applicant’s published or unpublished research manuscripts
    • Doctoral thesis (if applicable)
  • Pending review of these materials, candidates will be contacted to provide additional information and/or to schedule a preliminary phone interview



All materials related to potential Cochlear Center support should be submitted to Shannon Smitherman, Academic Program Coordinator, at 


Applicants are urged to reach out in advance to Center faculty Jennifer Deal to inquire about pre- and postdoctoral training opportunities.