The Cochlear Center provides scholarships and stipends for two general categories of students:

JHSPH students who are enrolled in degree-bearing programs (typically, MHS, MPH, and PhD) at the Bloomberg School of Public Health who are conducting research in areas consistent with the Center’s missionFor Master’s degree students, scholarships are for tuition support only. For doctoral students, scholarships can cover both tuition and/or living stipends. For students pursuing a degree at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, receipt of Cochlear Center scholarship funding is contingent on being accepted into the chosen degree program. The Cochlear Center has no influence on the application and review process for candidates applying to these degree programs.


Non-JHSPH students wishing to spend anywhere from 1 to 12 months conducting research with Center faculty - These students generally include medical students who would like to conduct a summer research project (JHSOM Scholarly Concentration summer students, visiting doctoral students from other institutions) or medical students who would like to take a year off during medical school to conduct research. The Cochlear Center provides stipends for living expenses for such non-JHSPH students.



JHSPH students - Students who have received notification of JHSPH acceptance or who have already matriculated into a JHSPH degree program may apply for Cochlear Center scholarship funding. For students not yet enrolled in a degree-bearing program at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, candidates should apply to the chosen degree program per the program’s instructions. Scholarship support from the Cochlear Center will be considered on an individual basis pending availability of funds and the strength of the candidate’s application in consultation with the student’s primary department.


Non-JHSPH students – Students currently enrolled in other degree-bearing programs (e.g., BA, MD, AuD, PhD) at Johns Hopkins or other institutions are eligible to apply.


How to Apply

For students interested in a scholarship (JHSPH students) or stipend (non-JHSPH students) from the Cochlear Center for Hearing and Public Health:

  • There are 2 application deadlines per year - April 1st and November 1st.
  • The candidate should submit the following to the Cochlear Center:
    • ≤ 3 page cover letter providing candidate background, academic/research interests, and future career plans
    • Academic transcript (optional)
    • CV or NIH biosketch



All materials related to potential Cochlear Center support should be submitted to Shannon Smitherman, Academic Program Coordinator, at 


Applicants are urged to reach out in advance to Center faculty Jennifer Deal to inquire about pre- and postdoctoral training opportunities.

Apply today

  • Prospective applicants are encouraged to reach out to Jennifer Deal prior to submitting any materials.



  • Contact Shannon Smitherman with questions about submission procedures at 410-955-0920 or

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