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Hearing loss isn't just an inconvenience. It's a critical public health issue impacting how older adults engage with their world.

What We’re Addressing:
  • Individuals walking in different directions as seen from above

    Epidemiology of Hearing Loss

    Highlighting the substantial impact of hearing loss in society

    Epidemiology of Hearing Loss
  • Hands belonging to a white-coated physician point to MRI scans on a tablet

    Cognition and Brain Aging

    Exploring connections between hearing loss and the risk of cognitive decline and dementia

    Cognition and Brain Aging
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    Hearing Care and Delivery

    Testing hearing care and delivery models that improve health care outcomes and expand access to care

    Hearing Care and Delivery
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    Health Services and Economics

    Understanding the direct and indirect economic implications of hearing loss for individuals and society

    Health Services and Economics
Percentage of Individuals with Hearing Loss by Age and Severity Infographic

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Hearing loss affects 1/4 of adults in their 60s and nearly 2/3 of Americans over 70. All older adults deserve access to the tolls they need for healthy aging, but there are gaps in who gets hearing care. Less than 20% of adults with hearing loss use a hearing aid and that rate is even lower among low-income adults.

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Carrie Nieman, MD, MPH
Carrie Nieman, MD, MPH
Core faculty and co-creator of the HEARS model

"All older adults deserve access to the tools they need for healthy aging, but there are gaps in who gets hearing care. The HEARS program begins to bridge that gap by empowering community health workers to reach older adults with untreated hearing loss."


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