The Johns Hopkins Cochlear Center Fellows Program in Aging, Hearing, and Public Health is designed to provide an overview of public health concepts, methods, and strategies to assist clinicians and researchers in different regions of the world who are pursuing public health research and projects focused on addressing hearing loss in older adults. 

Each year’s program is targeted to a specific world region and held in partnership with a host institution. The program offers a blended classroom pedagogy of online lectures leading up to in-person discussions facilitated by Cochlear Center faculty. 

Interested in partnering with the Cochlear Center as a host institution for a future Fellows Program in Hearing and Public Health? Contact Mindy Dmuchowski at

Past Fellows Programs

2023: Instituto Nacional de GeriatríaA group of researchers gathered in Mexico City for the 2023 fellows program

Forty-three participants, drawn mainly from around Mexico City but also hailing from Chile, Southern California, and Toronto, completed the virtual learning modules before convening in person in Mexico City to network with fellow clinicians and with researchers from Johns Hopkins and INGER

The three-day program began with talks from Cochlear Center Director Frank Lin on the connection between hearing loss and dementia, and from INGER Director of Investigation Raul Medina Campos, MD, MSc who provided an overview of the research at INGER.  Core faculty Nicholas Reed, AuD, PhD shared his work in measuring hearing in public health. Past Cochlear Center seminar speaker Alejandro Cabello López, MD, MSc​ presented on occupational audiology in Mexico, and Pablo Martinez Amezcua, MD, PhD, MHS shared his research in physical function and hearing loss. Presentations were followed by small group discussions that let participants, Cochlear Center faculty, and IMGER researchers connect over shared public health research interests and develop opportunities for future collaborations.

Cochlear Center faculty and Chula leadership

2022: Chulalongkorn University

Fellows from around Asia completed the virtual learning modules before convening in Bangkok, Thailand, to network with clinicians from Johns Hopkins and around Asia in the field of hearing and aging and participate in discussions with select Cochlear Center faculty.

2021: Focus on Latin America

Eighteen Fellows from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico completed five learning modules, heard 27 on-demand lectures, and put forth an estimated 20 hours of work to complete the virtual learning component.  The program concluded with hour-long live Zoom sessions with Center faculty that covered topics including clinical trials, hearing health policy, cognition and gerontology, and developing new models of hearing care.

2019: Focus on East Asia

The inaugural Fellows program saw thirty-one East Asian Fellows, accepted from over 100 applicants, convene in Baltimore for a week of in-depth, didactic training, and mentoring.

a large group of researchers and clinicians from around east Asia visit Johns Hopkins