The Cochlear Center for Hearing and Public Health offers training opportunities for students applying to or enrolled at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, students interested in short-term coursework and lectures only, and doctoral students from Johns Hopkins University and other academic programs, as well as post-doctoral fellowships. 

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For Students Enrolled at the Bloomberg School

Opportunities for BSPH students pursuing an MPH, MHS, or PhD

For Students Interested in Short-Term Coursework and Lectures
For Doctoral Students Early in their Training from Audiologic, Medicine, and Public Health Programs
For Postdoctoral Trainees Interested in Conducting Research in the Center’s Mission Areas
Carrie Nieman leads an informal seminar for students and staff

Research-in-Progress Meetings and Journal Club Meetings

Monthly Research-in-Progress meetings give trainees opportunities to showcase an ongoing project for faculty feedback. Journal Clubs engage trainees and postdocs in guided discussion about a published research study relevant to Cochlear Center research focus areas. 

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