Common-sense and fiscally-sustainable Medicare hearing care benefits would directly help seniors with hearing loss.

At the Cochlear Center, we are committed to understanding the impact of hearing loss on public health and developing and implementing accessible, affordable, and scalable solutions. Hearing loss is highly prevalent among Medicare beneficiaries and impacts key health outcomes, yet Medicare has limited coverage options for treating hearing loss.

Policy briefs illustrate the gaps and opportunities in Medicare that would make hearing care coverage available and hearing aids more accessible and affordable.

Policy Briefs

Medicare Coverage for Hearing Treatment: Inadequate and Ready for Improvement

Effective Legislative Proposals for Medicare Hearing Care Coverage: Hearing Care Services Are Essential, Hearing Aids Are Optional

Opinion pieces, a 'graphic narrative,' and earned media coverage spread the message of the challenges Medicare beneficiaries face trying to get hearing care services and hearing aids. 

Annals of Internal Medicine Graphic Medicine, October 2022:  "Annals Graphic Medicine - Medicare Hearing Policy: A Path Forward" 

JHU Hub, Nov 15, 2021:  "Hearing Aid Coverage Could Be 'Transformational'"

ASA/Generations, Nov 9, 2021:  "Are We Headed Toward A More Comprehensive Hearing Care System?"

JAMA Health Forum, Nov 5, 2021: "Changes to Medicare Policy Needed to Address Hearing Loss"

Health Affairs, Oct 8, 2021: "Dementia Policy Is A National Priority. That’s Why Congress Needs To Expand Medicare To Cover Hearing Aids"

The New York Times, Aug 30, 2021: "Will Hearing Aids Ever Be Hip?" [paywall]

Stat News First Opinion, Aug 6, 2021: "Making hearing aids affordable isn’t enough. Older adults also need hearing care services"

JAMA Viewpoint, Oct 2019: "Hearing Care Access? Focus on Clinical Services, Not Devices"