Molly Sheehan

Communications Associate


Molly Sheehan


Molly Sheehan is the first to manage the Cochlear Center's communications efforts, and since Spring 2020 has worked to organize and expand the Center's communications capacity. She draws on her experience in healthcare communications at Ketchum’s Washington, DC office, and subsequent work as director of communications for the nonprofit National Aquarium in Baltimore to amplify the Cochlear Center’s research, education, and policy efforts.  Her 20+ years in communications have been around diverse topics, but it has all hinged around the same vital core of good storytelling.  Sheehan’s interest is in mining the Cochlear Center for compelling stories about its research and policy advocacy work, and telling those stories in ways that are relevant and timely. 

Frank Lin, Molly Sheehan, Nicholas Reed, et al; Annals Graphic Medicine - Medicare Hearing Policy: A Path Forward. Ann Intern Med. [Epub 11 October 2022]. doi:10.7326/G21-0092